Precision Machining Capabilities

Plastic & Metal CNC Machining

Plastic & Metal CNC Machining

CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Routing

CNC technology has brought precision manufacturing to industries with stringent production requirements. CNC machine shops and prototypes as well as long production runs are able to produce identical finished products at cost effective rates. Prototypes can be modified, and reproduced at any time.  Reliability and attractive pricing are the standards of a CNC Machine Shop. Click below to read more.

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Metal Machining

Precision, Aerospace, Quality Control

Metal Machining for the aerospace and defense industries requires state-of the-art equipment, experienced and innovative manufacturing capability, and stringent quality control systems. Precision machining is one of the highest levels of CNC machining since the requirements for accuracy and quality must be met. Read more below about Metal Machining at PlaSteel.

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Complete Plastic Fabrication

Bending, Gluing, Polishing, Welding

Many of fundamental plastic fabrication tasks can now be performed by simple CNC controlled systems. Plastic CNC fabrication gives industries a choice between plastic and metal for precision parts. Plastic has also proved to be an effective media for prototypes, samples, and test parts in anticipation of long run production of metal replacements. Read more about plastic fabrication, its processes and uses in production by clicking on the links below.

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Machine Shop

State of the Art Plastic & Metal Machining Equipment

When shopping for a custom or precision machine shop to take your idea through the stages of development and production, the importance of the equipment available cannot be denied. State-of-the-art equipment means cost savings through efficient use of the materials, and additional saving from the reduction in labor costs. Click on the links below to see how PlaSteel can surpass your expectations of custom machine shops in Phoenix and all of Arizona.

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Innovative Tool Control Solutions

Shadow Box Tool Control

Tool control as it relates to Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a primary safety concern in many industries, including aerospace and defense. The specialized numerous hand tools necessary on the job site must be accounted for as any repair ticket is completed. Counting tools or other manual methods of tool control is too labor intensive to be effective. Tool Control Systems supplies the visual means needed for fast, accurate tool accountability. See how effective tool control can be cost-effective and efficient with a Shadow Box photographic solution from PlaSteel.  Read more about Tool Control Systems by clicking below.

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Injection Molding and Vacuum Forming

Additional Services By Sister Companies

Rapid Injection molding and plastic vacuum forming are highly specialized processes located in our company plants in either Houston, Texas or Tempe, Arizona. Call to make an appointment to talk about your project with our experienced engineering staff.

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