Machine Shop Arizona

Machine Shop Arizona

Machine Shop Arizona with Precision Machining

You can find the best machine shops Arizona has to offer with complete CNC machining capability in Phoenix. CNC machining requires a level of expertise along with the often massive equipment required to make metal and plastic parts that are precise to .0001 of an inch. CNC is an acronym for “Computer Numerical Control” which indicates how the computer attached to a large piece of equipment can manufacture exact duplicates of a prototype without any human assistance.

A project can start with a simple drawing on a napkin, but it is quickly evaluated and converted to precise technical drawings by PlaSteel’s staff of engineers. Once the criteria for the project has been defined, drawings are made, load tolerances are determined, and a computer aided drawing or CAD is made. When the data is input into the computers attached to the CNC machinery, considerations for best use of material with the least waste, a series of often repetitive actions input into the computer, and a prototype is produced for inspection.

Often, the prototype is the final product. Prototypes can be used to obtain financing for projects, they can be used for trade show displays, or used to determine fit and durability in a test product. With CNC technology, any changes or revisions that need to be made to the design, can be easily plotted with the CAD software in the CNC machine shop equipment. Later when the time has come to make a full production run of the final part design, the software can be run to make hundreds or thousands of parts.

Not only can revisions be facilitated, but designs and the machining plan can be saved to use at any later date with no further work or cost.  Take the example of a precision machined part for a new aircraft, it could take several years between the first concept and the final product being reproduced. If a human was trying to reproduce an intricate part once every couple of years, it would be almost impossible to make the part identical each time. With CNC machine shops in Arizona (and elsewhere) all of the machining design and instructions would be retained in the form of a computerized file, available in its entirety for several years.

You can see why looking for a CNC machine shop is much different from looking for an auto machine shop or a woodworking machine shop.  If your project includes the need for precision made plastic or metal components for either a protoype or a long production run, be sure to give us a call at PlaSteel. With 30 years of experience in this field and a fully operational state of the art CNC Machine Shop Arizona has available, you will immediately see the advantages of working with our experienced, friendly staff.