Phoenix Machine Shops

Phoenix Machine ShopsChoosing One of the Local Phoenix Machine Shops For Your Next Project

Often the first task a project manager faces is to choose facility to manufacture the prototype for the product. Having a local production facility is optimum in terms of having clear communications and regular inspections of each phase of production.  If you are looking for machine shop in Phoenix, especially Phoenix machine shops that have CNC capability – either in metal production or plastic fabrication, PlaSteel should be on your short list of sites to visit. PlaSteel has the experience and production capability with state-of-the-art CNC equipment. The staff at PlaSteel can work with you to take any size of production run from concept to drawing to prototype to long run production. They work with clients to maximize resources, reduce production costs with innovative methods, and schedule production to complete on time – and on budget. Call PlaSteel to make an appointment to talk about your upcoming project, get costs, and production timing. You’ll be surprised how working with an experienced local CNC Phoenix machine shop can eliminate potential production problems.