CNC Machine Shops

CNC Machine ShopsWhy Use CNC Machine Shops?

CNC machine shops, short for Computer Numerically Controlled, use computer software and electronics to operate each piece of CNC equipment’s total system.  This type of control over the system allows for precision and detail in a shorter amount of time that it would take a human.  A CNC machining shop operates with such efficiency that they are capable of orchestrating a diverse number of operations by pre-programming the equipment to utilize the material effectively and to operate without human error. This degree of Precision CNC machining is required by industries which have no tolerance for error, such as aerospace, defense, medical technology, and semiconductor industries.

Once someone programs CNC computer, it in turn gives commands to the CNC electronics and the machine can move into a series of orchestrated tasks that would be time-consuming and subject to problems if the tasks were being implemented manually.  A CNC operation relies on the computerized program to develop a complete sheet of material, whether it is metal, plastic or even wood.  This reliability of operation makes a project cost-effective for short run production as well as giving assurance that the project can be reproduced exactly at a later date, if needed.

Since PlaSteel offers both short and long run production capability, the client can first order prototypes, which can be modified or adapted, then have their finished design produced in the same location, with the specifications exactly matching the finished prototype profile.  PlaSteel has the CNC machine shop capacity with all relevant Precision CNC machining and experience to take a product from concept to final production run.