Precision Machining

Precision MachiningWhat is Precision Machining?

High complexity, close tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies are at the heart of precision machining. At PlaSteel, we have the experience and capability to serve customers who are interested in either a high volume of precision machined parts or the development of a prototype rapidly. Our state-of-the-art milling, turning, and grinding capabilities allow us to offer you:

  • shorter lead times to manufacture production in quantity
  • produce to demanding tolerances
  • dramatically increase productivity by simultaneously producing multiple precision machined parts
  • deliver consistent quality precision machined parts on budget and on schedule

Our experience in CNC milling, CNC precision turning, precision plastic machining, precision injection molding guarantees our ability to deliver quality precision parts to you.  We have earned both the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality control management, so that every part we deliver has been manufactured, inspected to meet the highest standards.  For industries that require it, we have also qualified for the even more stringent  the AS9001 certification required by industries that must meet the strictest levels of oversight, such as the defense and aerospace industries. When you need precision machining, be sure to talk to our staff at PlaSteel so hear how we can bring your concept to life and so you can take them to market.