Quality Clauses

  1. Calibration System: Seller’s (herein referred to as Vendor/Supplier) calibration system shall meet the requirements of: ISO 17025, ISO10012-1, AS9100, ANSI-Z540-1or MIL-STD-45662.
  2. Quality/Inspection system: The Vendor/Supplier shall maintain a quality/ inspection system which is in conformance with the requirements of AS9100 to include: Receiving, First Article, In-Process and Final inspection including Inspection and Test Records supplied to Plastic Engineering at the point of First Article Inspection (if requested via Plastic Engineering Purchase Order) and upon completion and shipment of said order.
  3. Certification of Conformance: (C of C) attesting to the conformance of material, (which shall include chemical and/or physical reports with “actual” or “typical” as contractually required results of tests conducted on all materials shipped, verifying conformance to an specifications referenced on drawings and/or purchase orders) outside services performed, hardware, machining/manufacturing, etc. The C of C shall be signed by an authorized representative of the Vendor/Supplier and shall accompany an order upon receipt of said items to Plastic Engineering.
  4. Control of Special Processes: In addition to the requirements of clause 3, both the Vendor/Supplier and any subcontractor(s) used shall be a Plastic Engineering and/or Customer approved source for said processes. These include operations subject to process controls such as: Plating, heat treating, cleaning, non-destructive test, etc. The Vendor/Supplier shall be approved as per above to perform specific required Special Processes, or use Special Process vendors/suppliers acceptable to Plastic Engineering and Plastic Engineering’s customer. A list of such vendors/suppliers will be supplied upon contract requirements.
  5. Right to Verify: Plastic Engineering customers shall be reserved the right to verify at the vendors (sellers) Premises subcontracted product to meet and conform to specified requirements.
  6. Right of Entry: The Vendor/Supplier shall include provisions in the subcontracts to allow the Plastic Engineering, Customer, and Regulatory agencies, Right of Entry necessary to determine and verify the quality of Contracted work, records and material.
  7. Certification of Calibration: Certification of Calibration attesting to the accuracy of the items procured on this Purchase Order shall (if specifically requested) be supplied with each shipment. This certification must contain all the test parameters necessary to demonstrate conformance to the manufactures specifications and shall be traceable to NIST standards.
  8. Certifications: Certification test data shall be traceable to the organization performing the testing, material origin, special processing and/or inspection(s) requested via Plastic Engineering’s Purchase Order. All factual information shall be included to demonstrate conformance of specifications and/or Purchase Order requirements.
  9. Report of Non-Conformities or Inconsistencies with Product and/or Purchase Orders: The Vendor/Supplier shall review the Purchase Order, manufacturing, processing, and/or testing requirements prior to its initiation. If errors or inconsistencies are noted with the P.O., Part and or other documentation referenced by the Purchase Order; the Vendor/Supplier must immediately notify Plastic Engineering. Seller proceeding with work without written concurrence does so at their own risk. Product will not be accepted by Plastic Engineering’s Quality Assurance Department until the Purchase Order and all documentation referenced therein are properly described and the product delivered.
  10. Corrective Action Request: When a Quality Problem exists, Plastic Engineering shall request Corrective Action from the Vendor/Supplier such requests require timely responses and should include the following information: Description of the Non-Conformance, Root Cause Analysis.
  11. Identification-Limited Shelf life: Materials with limited shelf life (epoxy, paint, adhesives, etc.) shall indicate the date of manufacture, lot number and applicable specification on the container. Time lapse “between cure or manufacturing date and date of scheduled receipt shall be consistent with applicable specification or Purchase Order requirements.”
    Plastic Engineering reserves the right to reject and/or return any material with less than 80% of shelf life remaining.
  12. Prohibited Practices: The Vendor/Supplier shall not make any unauthorized repairs by any means without Plastic Engineering or Plastic Engineering’s customer’; approval.
  13. Prohibited Material Uses: Parts supplied on this Purchase Order shall not, and indicate, “have not been exposed to functional mercury or mercury compounds”.
  14. Requirement for DFAR Compliant Specialty Materials: All purchase orders which include a prime contract number require compliance to DFAR 252.225-7014, DFARS Clause 252.225-7009 Suppliers shall provide evidence of compliance, including flow down to all sub-tier suppliers, with all shipments.
  15. Control of Work Transfer: The Vendor/Supplier shall notify Plastic Engineering prior to the control of temporary or permanent transfer of work to sub-tier suppliers. The sub-tier supplier(s) shall be approved by Plastic Engineering and customer. Plastic Engineering shall establish and flow down all applicable documentation and instruction to the applicable parties.
  16. Record Retention: The Vendor/Supplier will control and retain all records applicable to Plastic Engineering product and / or hardware for a period not less than 7 years unless otherwise specified by contract.
  17. Notification of Changes: The Vendor/Supplier shall notify Plastic Engineering of changes in product and/or process, changes of vendors/suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and must obtain Plastic Engineering approval if required.
  18. Customer Flow down Requirements: The Vendor/Supplier shall flow down all customer and regulatory requirements to all vendors
  19. AS5553 Shall be utilized as guideline for avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition of
    counterfeit parts. A counterfeit part by definition is unbroken traceability to the original manufacturer.
  20. DO or DX rated order. This order is certified for national defense. A DX rated order takes precedence
    over any non-rated military order. Per 15 CF 700 Section 70.12, you are required to follow all
    provisions of the DPAS regulations
  21. Comply with all applicable United States Federal Acquisition laws and regulations, including,
    but not limited to, the requirements of the Berry Amendment, 10 U.S.C 2533a, relating to U.S.
    domestic source origin requirements for food, clothing, fabrics, specialty metals and hand or
    measuring tools.
    Regulations implemented per DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.225-
    7012, 252.225-7009 and 252.225-7015
  22. Plastic Engineering ensures that essential attributes of the work performed are carefully
    checked or inspected and that records accurately reflect results of all work. Any falsification,
    concealment or alteration of any false, fraudulent or fictitious statement or representation in
    connection with the work under any contract is not only prohibited by company policy, but may also be
    punishable under Federal law.
  23. Supplier is currently not subject to Disbarment, suspended, or declared ineligible for contracts by any
    Federal agency and / or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Supplier will immediately notify Plastic
    Engineering in writing regarding its change in status.
  24. Detecting improper, unethical, or illegal actions begins with a zero-tolerance philosophy established
    by management. Employees must understand that any infractions of the laboratory data integrity
    procedures will result are a detailed investigation that could lead to serious consequences including
    immediate termination, debarment, or civil/criminal prosecution.

    1. Function: To prevent misrepresentation of data and provide guidelines on proper course of action.
    2. Covers: Business functions, manufacturing, calibration, inspection reports, and signoffs/inprocess inspection. Any party aware of, or having reason to suspect, malpractice or fraud and falsification is obligated to report this violation anonymously or in person to one or more of the following: CEO/President, Supervisor, any Manager.
  25. Plastic Engineering will provide parts on time; defect free, and to the satisfaction of our costumers while continually improving all processes and functions of the company. Plasteel will pursue growth objectives to the benefit of our employees and the longevity of our company, while always keeping ethical standards in the forefront of our activities. To this end Plasteel will:
    1. Protect the privacy of customers and their intellectual property
    2. Treat suppliers fairly and honestly
    3. Deliver value to customers through excellence in workmanship and service on a schedule that meets/exceeds their needs
    4. Actively investigates, report, and rectify any improper, unethical, or illegal actions