Semiconductor fabrication has always been one of our plastic fabrication specialties. As our clients know; PlaSteel has evolved into a very unique company since its founding almost 14 years ago. Whether by responding to customer demand or innovating to stay ahead of emerging market trends, we have always endeavored to offer the highest quality products in each field that we service.

Although we have branched out to become an industry leader in several diverse areas including FOD shadow board technology, we still have not forgotten our roots. Our reputation for high end plastic fabrication is second to none and we always look forward to flexing our muscles for local companies in the semiconductor industry.

44″ wide x 43″ long x 37″ high

Pictured in this post are multi-tiered Steel tube reinforced 0.5” thick polypropylene chemical tanks. These were designed, engineered and built custom per required specifications. The steel tubing is more of an exception than the rule when it comes to these tanks, but with the volume of this particular tank the customer needed to ensure an appropriate level of confidence that the tank would last for many years without the slightest possibility of a leak or rupture. Polypropylene is a great choice for semiconductor fabrication for a variety of reasons.

1) It is a low cost semi crystalline commodity plastic.

2) Excellent electrical properties, outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance.

3) Ease of use. Cutting, machining, hot air or nitrogen welding, finishing

4) High melt temperature (160°-170°C)

5) Low moisture absorption

6) USDA/FDA Approved

Common other uses for this material in semiconductor fabrication include, wet benches, cabinets, fume hoods and ducts, acid tank/linings, etching rinse tubs, front end bath/rinse stations, etc.

It is sobering to think that in addition to being one of the most popular materials in this industry….polypropylene is incredibly versatile in that you are probably not aware how often you are benefitting from it. Polypropylene was “discovered” in the mid 1950’s and since that time has been incorporated into everything from cups, bottles, pails, rope, carpeting, clothing, furniture, and even medical implants. It is one of the most common injection molded materials on the planet and is not very susceptible to material fatigue, which is why it is great for “living hinges” like the top caps of tic tacs. There isn’t room in one post for all the uses that this versatile material has.

Whether you have a need for simple plastic welding or full wet process station design/build/repair, or other types of plastic fabrication; get it done right the first time by working with the professionals at PlaSteel, Inc. Please call our office OR upload files directly to our website for a custom quote.

Much has been made of economic uncertainty especially with regard to semiconductor fabrication and the industry as a whole; however we at PlaSteel are confident that its greatest days are still ahead especially in the valley of the sun. Thank you for visiting our site. Let’s make it a great year!!


PlaSteel Team


Tempe, AZ