This year PlaSteel celebrates its 15th anniversary! As a premier distributor of technical plastic material and  a full service plastics company, the anniversary reminds us of the humble and ambitious beginning of PlaSteel.

Loyal Clausen, the president and co-owner of PlaSteel, began his first job in the plastics industry as a plastics distributor. 20 years later, PlaSteel was born. In 1998 Clausen began fabricating plastic parts and products in an “extra room in his home” with his wife and a hired worker who was a friend of the family.

“For several months we worked endlessly in order to have enough income to lease a building. Then in about 2004 we began to CNC machine metal and plastic parts“, said Clausen.

Since its start, PlaSteel has grown extensively. We have accumulated enough state of the art CNC equipment that we can now make precise metal and plastic parts of .001 of an inch! We have had the opportunity to work with large companies like Kmart, Honeywell, Ratheon and many more. Even with challenges related to the downturn in the economy, we have continued to grow and stick to the goal to “exceed expectations by producing high quality parts in a timely and cost efficient manner”.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment is at PlaSteel, Clausen said,

“To have the opportunity to work with great people and to watch them grow and prosper as the company enjoys success. We have accomplished so much, but we have much more to do.”